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2. Umsonst & Draussen: MANANA ME CHANTO
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ReggaeSkaCumbia Chile
chubaka chanto logo 2. Umsonst & Draussen: MANANA ME CHANTO
“MAÑANA ME CHANTO” was formed in Barcelona in 2001. During this time, the Palanka brothers, with guitars and voices, began playing in the streets of the city mixing reggae and latin rhythms……Over time and after many adventures, the family grew to seven musicians, with guitars, bass, drums, keyboard, trumpet, and trombone. They have traveled half the planet playing countless concerts in bars, venues, festivals, or simply on the street, and have recorded three discs (ARRIBA!!!, 2003,PERO MAÑANA…, 2005 and CIUDADANOS DEL MUNDO 2010) as well as having contributed to two collaboration discs, BASILONA (2004) and MARIATXI BOOGIE (2006). Their many adventures have led them to twenty five different countries.Addicted to travel, new experiences and encounters, the Chantos form an indestructible team, as well as a nomadic tribe, a vagabond bunch spreading the good vibe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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contrazt Buehne 2. Umsonst & Draussen: MANANA ME CHANTO
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